Joining the choir

Have you ever fancied singing in a choir?

Are you unsure that you can even sing?

Are you looking for a social activity that develops new skills?

Are you nervous about singing anywhere other than in the bath or in the pub?

Do you enjoy team sports?


If any of the above apply to you then you should consider joining Chepstow Male Voice Choir.­

Do I need to be an experienced singer?

No - many of our members had no previous experience of singing in choirs

Do I need to be able to read music?

No – most learning is done by listening and repetition. However some choristers do read music and of course this is helpful in supporting those who do not. A basic familiarity with musical terms is soon acquired.

Do I need to speak Welsh?

No – whereas the Choir is very proud of its background in Welsh choral singing, most of our singing is in English. There is only one native Welsh speaker in the Choir. Most songs in Welsh are learned by repetition and help is given with a combination of phonetic aids and recordings of the spoken word. It’s a bit like learning Frere Jaques in French at school.

If you do come along to one of our practices you won't be asked to sing on your own and you don't need to be able to read music. You will hear the choir sing and you will then be able to have a go at singing something simple in the choir next to experienced singers. There is no charge and if still not sure after this session you can come along to more rehearsals free of commitment and free of  charge until you decide.

The Choir meets for rehearsals normally on a Monday and Thursday from 7pm until 9pm at the Dell School Chepstow.  The choir recognises that twice weekly rehearsals is a big ask for some men.  It is possible to start as a one day a week member until you get the bug and come more frequently.  It does mean that it will take longer for you to get to a "stage ready" standard of singing.


Chepstow Male Voice Choir has a membership of around 40 choristers, drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds, mostly from the area around Chepstow and the Forest of Dean. Whilst upholding the longstanding traditions of Welsh male voice choral singing, the Chepstow Choir has introduced a range of more contemporary music into its repertoire, including pieces from Tom Jones , Beatles, Queen, Simon and Garfunkel and Robbie Williams amongst others. New music is being added all the time.

How do I know if I have a tenor or bass voice?

A private session with our Musical Director will allow him to suggest which section of the Choir will suit you best.

How easy is it to start if I have had no previous experience?

Just come along to a rehearsal. Newcomers are made very welcome and sit in with other choristers from the beginning. Usually an experienced chorister will be assigned to help in the early days and you will find that help is provided readily by other members of the Choir. As most learning is done in groups there is no individual exposure.  Our  accompanists record piano tracks for all new music to help the learning process at  home and in the car and new members are given access to the huge back catalogue of mp3 tracks to help learn the existing songs.

What does it cost?

There is no obligation to join and no cost to try us out. If new members wish to continue after trying us out for a month or two, a subscription of £14 per month is payable. This equates to less than £2 per rehearsal which is excellent value. Most other choirs charge substantially more. So come along and enjoy excellent "Value For Money" .

If you want to talk to  someone first then call our secretary Alf 

"If you can sing in the bath, you can sing in the Choir"

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